Payroll Management System

Control Your Payroll at Ease and Feel Better

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. Payroll software has been specially designed for automating payroll system. With our payroll software, it is possible to maximize the potential of payroll through timely and accurate salary processing, efficient handling of reimbursements, loans & advances.
Automating payroll with payroll software will reduce the work load on administrators and facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing payroll related information.

  • Employee Personal Information
  • Employee Basic Salary Information
  • Salary Increment Information
  • Salary Allowance Information
  • Salary Deduction Information
  • Employee Loan Information
  • Arear Salary Process
  • Periodic Salary Process
  • Salary Process (Individual/All)
  • Salary Posting to Accounts
  • Employee List
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Basic Salary Statement
  • Periodic Salary Statement
  • Salary Increment Statement
  • Salary Allowance Statement
  • Salary Deduction Statement
  • Salary Pay Slip
  • Monthly Total Salary Statement
  • Yearly Salary Statement
  • Bank Statement (With Forwarding letter)
  • Employee Loan Information Report
  • Individual Loan Installment Report
  • Individual Loan Installment Paid Report
  • Individual Due Loan Installment Report
  • Individual Loan Installment Paid Report
  • Individual Report Interest Paid on Loan